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Welcome to MECH1MEDIA

Thank you for visiting my music website. I appreciate you coming by and showing love. I'm a Hip Hop DJ, Producer, Engineer (kind of) and a graphic designer. All artwork on the website & Music Cover Art was designed by me. (You can visit for my Beats for Lease/Sale and custom Single and Album Cover Art if you need some). I teamed up with Lord Fader the 12-Bit Monk and released a few Albums and a bunch of Singles that are available here on the site. Lord Fader the 12-Bit Monk delivers fire lyrics on them tracks (teaching without preaching). We keep that positive Hip Hop spirit, culture and subject matters for ears. Lit without the bullshiZZ. So feel free to browse around and listen to our stuff. We hope you're feeling it and if you are, purchase it!!! We are always honored when you do. Also, you can always donate to the cause by buying us some coffee

~Thank you, DJ MECH 1

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